Do You Know How Your Customers Want You To Promote Your Brand?

You've launched your website, but do you know how your customers want you to tell them about company and product news and special promotions? The old saying "Catch the fish the way they want to be caught" is the best way to desribe good marketing.  Unobtrusively pushing information to your customers is always the best and most desired strategy. Snail mail and e-mail are the most preferred methods, followed by visiting the website when they feel like it, so you better make it very easy for your visitors to get new information and promotional offers on above the fold on your homepage. A homepage popup, a banner on top of the page, a rotating slideshow, a sidebar reminder, a button for a free download or widget can get the job done.

If you are selling a product and don't own a brick and mortar store, word-of-mouth and search engines are the top information channels, followed by print or online articles. Content marketing and a good PR strategy are essential; perhaps you need a blog to provide customer information, but there's really no subsititute for content and endorsements from trusted third party sources. Investing a little time and money in creating good content and getting others to write about your product or service will always get you positive results. 

Here's a ranking of the average customer's preferences for receiveing and discovering information. Use it as a guide to mix and match the best methods to use for your brand.


marketing promotion strategies infographic