Mobile App CMS Features

We can build and launch your mobile App today with a Mobile App CMS that helps you easily manage and update the content and features. 

  • App CMS
     App CMS

    Update your App in Minutes with an App CMS

  • Drag & Drop Design
    Drag & Drop

     Just Drag & Drop elements to add more features..

  • Publish your app

    Publish on App Stores, Google Play & iTunes.

  • Live app updates

    App Revisions/Updates are Real Time.

  • Ad Monetization
    Monetized with Ads

    Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads.

  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications

    Send Push Notifications

  • Passbook Coupons

    Passbook Coupons           for iOS 6 & 7

  • GPS Location Tracking

    GPS Location Tracking

  • Social Profile
    Social Profile

    Social Profile Integration: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery Integration: Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Custom

  • Pocket tools
    Pocket tools

    Pocket tools: GPS Location Tracker, Camera, Mortgage Calculator

  • Student Tools
    Student Tools

    Student Tools: Dictionary, Khan Academy

  • Restaurant Tools
    Restaurant Tools

    Restaurant Tools Integration: Menu builder, OpenTable, GrubHub

  • Blog Integration
    Blog Integration

    Blog Integration: WordPress, Blogger, Feedburner

  • App Analytics
    App Analytics

    Get real-time App Analytics.

  • Audio & Radio
    Audio & Radio

    Audio & Radio Integration: Soundcloud, Beatport, Shoutcast.

  • Contact Features
    Contact Features

    Contact Features: One Touch Call, QR Code, Website Integration.

  • Appointment Scheduler

    Appointment Scheduler for Doctors, Dentists, Salons, Spas.

  • Code Page
    Code Page

    Code Page to add custom code, embed iframes.

  • Share

    Share your app with friends and others.

  • e-books
    E books

    Create E-Book based magazine apps with a built in E-Book reader and advance features like in-app purchase, monthly subscriptions & news-stand compatibility.

  • Food Ordering
    Food Ordering

    Allowing Restaurants to Accept food orders directly from customer’s mobile phone & tablet.

  • Shopping Cart
    Shopping Cart

    Accept credit card orders and sell your products by allowing users to place an order using your app.

  • Event Listings
    Event Listings

    Invite your customers and fans with Event Listings feature. Also add Facebook Events, EventBrite, BandsInTown, etc..

  • iBeacon Compatible
    iBeacon Compatible

    Attract the attention of customers and passerbys alike, with iBeacon compatible apps.

  • Loyalty Based Program
    Loyalty Based Program

    Now repeat customers can get rewarded on each purchase through Loyalty Programs

  • Chat Room & Messenger
    Chat Room & Messenger

    Use A Chat Room & Messenger to have conversations with friends and family

  • Location Based Directory
    Location Based Directory

    Add aLocation Based Directory, for store finder, restaurant locator, city guide apps

  • HTTP Live Streaming
    HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

    Add M3U8 Live Video Streaming with Ustream to your app

  • Geotargeted Notifications
    Geotargeted Notifications

    Send Geotargeted notifications with Geo Fencing

  • Quiz & Survey
    Quiz & Survey

    Now learners and educationalists can fetch out information from the Quiz & Survey app

  • Social Wall
    Social Wall

    Create a Facebook like wall within your app

  • Religious Apps
    Religious Apps

    Create a mobile app for your church or ministry

  • Educational Apps
    Educational Apps

    Students & Educators can create educational apps with Dictionary, Coloring book, and more.

  • Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality

    Create cutting-edge augmented reality apps with Wikitude SDK

  • Social Networking
    Social Networking

    Network with registered users. Post updates (including videos and audios), comment or like. Manage user profiles.

  • Video Recorder
    Video Recorder

    Video Capture customer events, road shows, conferences or promotion previews. 30 sec videos can be shared on whatsapp and Email. 

  • In-App Purchase
    In-App Purchase

    In app purchasing of Magazines, eBooks, Videos, Audio or Images .Variable pricing plans, unlimited editions per option.

  • Mobile Health
    Mobile Health

    Improve your health. Set Goals and keep track of number of steps walked in a day.

  • Form Builder
    Form Builder

    Create customized forms for your specific needs using the all new custom form builder.